Time Line

First era 0-5000

  • (0-1000 F.E.) This is the beginning of recorded history. Langueges, mathematics and the taming of fire happened.
    At this time the first religions were founded, Gods roamed the material plane. Working hand and hand with mortals.
  • (1001-3000 F.E.) The First major races were documented, Human, elf and dwarf. Many sub races are documented at this time as well. Oldest City on the Planet established, the Dwarven City of, Hegh Thorim.
  • (3001-4000 F.E.) First humans villages established. Elven(wood elf) Capitol of Pelineldor established. First Documented sighting of a Dragon..
  • (4001-5000 F.E) Discovery of Water Travel and navigation. First schools developed in Messidio . Beginning of Dragon Tear war. Discovery of first magic discipline, Sorcery.

Second era 5001- 9000

  • (5001-6000 S.E.) Major split of the Elvish Race. Drow capitol of Quevven established. Exadus of High elves to the peninsula of I’mose. Dwarven breach of Great Wyrm Lair.
  • (6001-7000 S.E.) High elf capitol, Silinwatch is established. Humans establish first kingdoms of Banthol, Messidio and Talbar. First contact between races made, Human and Elf
  • (7001-8000 S.E.) Elven war begins. First trade route established by Humans. Messidio constructs its Great Library, and Wizard school.

(8001-9000 S.E.) Humans Establish Colonies on Nava ’El and Gomturm. Discovery of Iron ore in the Fortress Mountains. Mysterious Catastrphy averted by a Group known as “The Braves”. Last great battle between Dwarf and Dragon.

Third Era, Current time 500 years

  • (0-99) Great war erupts between Banthol and Talbar. War also ends during this time.
  • (100-300 T.E) ???
  • (301- Present) First contact with Orc. Hob goblins spotted for first time. Banthol, Messidio and Talbar start exporting Iron ore on a mass scale.

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Time Line

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