Point of Interest, Roses

The water Front Inn: The finest hotel in Roses, it usually caters to the wealthy and trade merchant from The Capitols. Usually looking for entertainment.

Roses City Bank: one of the oldest and best guarded buildings in all of roses. They offer coin storage and a small amount of item storage. The building has no windows and is two stories tall. Heavy Talbar influence in its architecture as the building is slim and straight up. The entrance is a vaunted archway with Gargoyle Statue above the highest point.

Small Market: Many multi colored tents group closley together. Busy during most hours the market is known to have delicious foods and fine art. Ravens can be seen flying in and out of the collective.

Government Building: Usually devoid of activity it is maintained the a small staff of local workers. This is where most discussions between Banthol, Messidio and Talbar happen. Adorned with Blue marble through out. The giant columns that decorate the entrance are 15 feet wide. The steps leading to the entrance are broad and wrap around the front of the building, they too are made of marble.

Church Complex: A slow trickle of people are usually seen during the day time. The complex is a series of several buildings. One made of marble with blue veins runming through out., the others are simple stone buildings with Small statues above the entrances of their perspective gods.
Milil, god of poetry and song, NG Light, Five-stringed harp made of leaves
Tyr, god o f justice, LG War, Balanced scales resting on a warhammer
Waukeen, god of war, N War, Upright flaming sword
Selune, goddess o f the moon, CG Knowledge/Life, Pair o f eyes surrounded by seven stars
Lliira, goddess of joy, CG Life, Triangle of three six-pointed stars
Helm, god of protection, LN Life/Light, Staring eye on upright left gauntlet

Roses Inn: Seedy cheap in on the river bank. most travelers to the city avoid it if they are able. Stone building in disrepair. The wooden door out front has a sign stating “we will refuse service if we dont like your face”

Fish market: all the fish consumed by the city is bought and sold here. good place for rumor.

Banthol HQ&Trade yard: Made of Elvish Oak, it is the only wooden structure in the city. The campus, nicely kept grass has no pathways with small goats that play about. there is usually a small gathering of people that are watching the small creatures.

Roses Militia Barracks: large single story structure with a large training area in the back. Very plan building with a metal sign that only bears the Roses’s City Standard. Roses city militia are usually station in the mountain camps. Jails common criminals underground.

Messidio HQ&Trade yard: Typical architecture for the city, aside from Gargoyels that adorn Gothic peaks.
15 foot tall stone wall surrounds most of the campus. The campus it self is well kept grass lawn with white stone pathways. These pathways connect small ponds usually with a willow tree and bench next to them.

Blacksmiths: good place to fix/buy armor and weapons. doesn’t deal in any other goods. 2 are located in the city because of the large Garisons of the Great houses

Maker’s Potions: Maker’s Potions is one of the few business’s located near the finer part of town. It is well kept with a small gardens that flank the path way leading up to the entrance. Wild Roses grow in the garden and the smell is fragrant from the street.

Talbar HQ&Trade yard: modest in construction looks like the rest of the town except that it has 3 stories. A pebble garden surrounds the campus and people can be seen tending and changing the patterns daily.

Golden fish Inn: Average inn most travelers would seek out this establishment. entertainers tend to flock here during festival.

Point of Interest, Roses

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