Messidio Steppe

PNW-beauty-shot-7.jpg Flat grasslands to the horizon. The Flat Steppe is the farm and ranch area for the Capitols. The areas of the Steppe are carved out and divided by the Great Rivers.

The Messidio Steppe has a unique power structure. Messidio divided the region, each region is governed by “Warlords”. Warlords are responsible for collecting taxes from Hamlets and protecting their provinces. Many Warlords are fair and just. Many abuse their power.
Currently Banthol and Talbar are skirmishing in this territory. A Mysterious force known only as the Harbinger has been rumored to be in control of a small portion of the steppe. Banthol at the moment, seems to be winning most battles.

web_feather_grass_steppe_autor_veaceslav_ghendov_58053.jpgKnown Hamlets and Lordships


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Messidio Steppe

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