Fortress Mountains

Swiss_Alps.jpgSplitting the large Island of Cauldor in half, the source of iron for most of the world. This Dominant Range is the source of a great river. Which shapes the landscape and politics of Cauldor. Jagged Snow capped peaks dominate the horizon of the Granite Range. Many areas are frozen year round due to the elevation and damp nature of the Island.
s-l1000.jpgMined By Human And Orc it fuels an ever dangerous world with the ore it needs. Aside from Ore, silver, gold, marble, stone brick and many other commodities are harvested from the Mountains.

The Mountains themselves are split between Orc and Human. To the west many Human camps are nestled into the mountains. Being a Miner is a perilous job, some mining groups are known to hire mercenaries for protection at mining sites. Mining location often include housing and some other amenities
The Roses City Militia is in charge of Keeping the Camps safe. Camps are hubs for trade and relaxation for miners
The only camp that stays open year round, at full capacity, is Base Camp.
Many Bargemen make their fortune in the mountains. Traveling further into the interior of the mountain range is lucrative. Often traveling alone in teams of two, this profession is said to regulate the amount of noble’s Cauldor has.
During the winter the mountain closes its harvest. High winds and severe snows close all but the most adventurous mining operations.

Known Camps & Villages

Base Camp

Eastern Basin Camp


Western Ridge Camp


Temple of Peace


Fortress Mountains

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